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Winter Concert

Welcome to the David T Wilson Digital Concert. We will be featuring all 3 grades in a video performance and recording. ALL students at DTW contributed to the audio recording although they may not all be represented in the video.

During the process of the creation, the students were asked to create original pieces, learn holiday classics, and push their musical abilities in each performance. In class students recorded as whole groups. On occasion individual players would do solo recordings for the more temperamental instrumental parts.

Please enjoy our first piece, “BaBa Ooo Lala” performed by the 4th, and 5th grade. In this piece, students created the lyrics and decided which instruments would be in the recording. Performed on Orff mallet instruments, cymbals, drums, and voice.

Our second piece highlights our 4th, 5th and 6th grade performers. Students strategically selected which instruments best contributed to the overall suspense and feel of the piece. Performed on bass drum, suspended cymbal, wind chimes, Orff mallets, gong, and voice. Please enjoy "There was an Owl".

Our third piece features soloist Adalie Jones with the support of Mrs.Spiegel class. Please enjoy, “Million to One” by Camaila Cabello

The final piece features our 6th grade performers. This was a very difficult piece for them to learn. Not only were most of the students using two mallets, playing in ¾ time, they were playing 3 different parts at the same time. This has been the most challenging piece for they have learned yet. Please enjoy Carol of the Bells.

Thank you for attending our virtual concert and your continued support of the DTW music program!

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